Best SEO Companies in Nepal

Best SEO Companies in Nepal

Are you thinking of hiring the best SEO companies in Nepal to boost your organic ranking and overall business revenue?

Yes, SEO agencies can help you achieve what you are looking for, but which company should you choose to get better results?

Most youngsters call themselves SEO experts nowadays after watching videos on YouTube, Udemy, or similar platforms. But it is not as easy as they and probably you are thinking. Everyone needs to understand that SEO is not just about optimizing title, meta tags, and creating backlinks. SEO is way more than that. 

Be Careful: Never hire a company or Freelancer who will say I can rank your website within a month and bla bla bla. They may ruin your whole business.

To make you aware of it, I’ve compiled this list of the top SEO companies in Kathmandu or Nepal. The companies I am going to mention below are the ones who can understand your needs and help you achieve your business goals; they use White Hat SEO techniques which means you are safe from Google penalties.

Note: I have no personal relationship with the below-mentioned companies. I listed them as I found them the best ones that are offering excellent SEO services. The list is based on their organic ranking, companies they helped to grow with their SEO services, customer reviews, top results they generated, and some popularity. 

Top 3 Best SEO Companies in Nepal

  • Creative SEO Nepal

Creative SEO Nepal is an SEO company based in Kathmandu. Founded in 2016, the team specializes in SEO.

From keyword research to content marketing, on-page optimization to off-page link and brand building, they will provide all kinds of SEO services.

As you can see in the above image, they rank themselves as the best SEO company in Nepal. From an SEO perspective, I firmly believe that if someone can rank their own website on their niche’s most powerful keyword, they can help you achieve it on your niche too.

Another reason to list them on my top position is they do have 30+ 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook and other review platforms.

After I researched the company on keyword research tool, ahrefs, I found that they do have some brand searches too.

More than 15 team members of Creative SEO Nepal are providing SEO services to 500+ clients, including KTM Styles, Mazzako Shopping and many more.

I believe choosing the Creative SEO Team is your first step to getting ranked in the top position.

Do not think; just go and hire them now if you want to get ranked on highly profitable and difficult keywords.

We Don’t Just Do SEO; We Build Your BusinessCreative SEO Team.

  • Elance Digital Media

Elance is probably the number one digital marketing agency in Nepal, providing digital marketing services to 500+ clients. Founded in 2017, Elance Digital Media is Nepal’s famous marketing company with about 30+ team members, specializes in all kinds of digital marketing services, including SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and more.

Elance Academy is providing digital marketing courses in Nepal, including SEO too.

I listed Elance on top because of their highly experienced SEO team that focuses on brand building and SEO. Further, they do have more than 100+ 5 star reviews on social media and other review platforms.

The company has working experience with Nepal’s most popular brands such as Nepatop, Nepal SBI Bank, Premier Insurance, Hamasteel, etc.

I believe they can help you to turn your business to the next level. So without any doubt, Elance Digital Media is one of the top SEO companies in Nepal. Hire the SEO experts of Elance Media to build your brand through search engine optimization.

We’re on a #MissionDigitalNepalElance

  • Digital Terai

Digital Terai is another top digital marketing company in Nepal, providing all kinds of digital marketing services, including SEO. Founded in 2018, this company has 20+ employees with excellent knowledge of Search engine optimization.

The company is now serving 300+ clients and have gained 50+ 5 star reviews on different platforms, including Google Map. The company is featured on Top digital agency, TopSEO’s, FindBestSEO’s and other platforms too.

I listed the company on top search engine optimization companies because of their professional and experienced SEO team that focuses on conversion and traffic.

They can help you increase your business/sales(conversion rate) by targeting the right keywords, which we call our industry’s money-making keywords.

We Don’t Just Bring Traffic; We Believe in ConversionDigital Terai.


Yes, there are lots of other digital marketing and SEO companies in Nepal too. You can hire them as well. But if you have enough budget to outsource your SEO work, I recommend hiring the above ones.

The above three are leading the SEO industry of Nepal; I hope they can help you achieve your target goal. I believe the above mentioned three agencies can give you guaranteed results.

Reputed brands and companies will, indeed, charge you higher. If you cant hire an agency, you can also hire some freelancers for your SEO works. The benefits of hiring freelancer are quick communication, flexible, affordable and much more.

I am also a freelancer SEO Expert in Nepal who provides SEO services to more than 100 clients globally. You can contact me for further details.

At last, If you know any other SEO agency of Nepal which needs to be featured on my blog, feel free to comment down. I will recommend it to my readers after analyzing their service, reviews and previous work results.

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Best SEO Companies in Nepal

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