Importance of SEO for Small Businesses in Nepal

Importance of SEO for Small Businesses in Nepal

What would business seek for? Constant growth, better sales and higher revenues. As the world transforms itself to digitization, your competitors might have already made a better presence online with a great website and high search traffic. If you haven’t already, now is the right time. Here, take a walk-through and read about the importance of SEO for small businesses in Nepal and the importance of overall online presence and higher ranking.

Do you know a study finds that more than 88% of consumers search online for local business and services before visiting the physical store? Yes, it’s overall worldwide data. Nepal is not too late to follow the same trend. Most of Nepalese customers seek for business deals, services and reviews of any business before making a choice. Big businesses are already implementing SEO and have generated more than a hundred thousand visitors per month. No business, if small or large, every business carries it’s own importance looking for a potential customer, targeted revenue generation and better outreach. If you are running any business, now is the perfect time to transform your online presence, rank higher on search engines and ultimately drive high search traffic with high potential conversion to your website.

Looking for correct business has been as easy than ever. Every business seems to have a website, a business profile, social media presence and all. Everyone makes a mistake, thinking that’s all that has to be done. But there’s more SEO optimization, better keyword ranking, optimized content and a great user experience as a whole. Nowadays all big and small business is shifting to the online platforms for better publicity and exposure. No doubt that SEO is crucial for all kinds of business websites. And for small businesses, it’s even more important because they have to let their potential customers know that their business exists and offer quality products and services.

Here I point out major Importance of SEO for Small Businesses in Nepal and why you should choose SEO now.

Reduce the costs of expensive Paid ads

Reduce the costs of expensive Paid ads

Facebook and Instagram with no doubt, are great marketing platforms to grow your business and generate higher revenues. Ads marketing is great because it let’s you target the exact customer with your desired objective like brand awareness, conversion, store sales and more. But, you need to pay for every click or visitor that comes to your site/store. This increases marketing cost for any business. The same goes for Google ads, it’s even more expensive than Facebook, and we have to pay per click.

Imagine if you have a Skin and Hair Clinic in Kathmandu and you ranked on the first position on, for example, “best skin clinic in Kathmandu” and “best hair clinic in Kathmandu. You don’t need to invest in Google and Facebook Ads because your customers can quickly find you on search results whenever they need. This increases your conversion rate because the customer will find what they look for and exactly when they look for it.

This will reduce your expenses, that you will no more need to run paid ad campaigns. And let me tell you this saves a lot of money for you.

Increase your Website visitors

Increase your Website visitors

The main aim of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is to rank higher on search engines for potential  keywords and ultimately increase your website’s visitors. It can be to your home page, product page, blog page, service page, and/or other potential page where you would expect a potential customer to land.

The main aim of SEO for small businesses is to increase their sales. Still, sometimes the objective is to raise brand awareness by driving more traffic to a website for the product/service they want to order or drive the customer to any helpful content, which can help businesses in the long run. Simply it’s called content marketing.

Increase the number of new Leads / Calls / Office visits

Increase the number of new Leads Calls and Office visits

Most of the customers today would look for the service or business they are willing to take service from directly on the internet. That place on the internet might be any social media or search engine. That is the reason that every small business in Nepal should implement SEO to their websites. This will result in more website visits and obviously generate better and higher leads. More people can find your business portfolio directly online and contact you with ease.

From fresh vegetables, groceries to hotel and restaurant booking, even doctors and hospital services also can be booked online nowadays in Nepal. We have a habit of searching anything on search engines like Google, Bing, and YouTube to find the desired service or product. Even this Coronavirus lockdown teaches us to find everything on the internet. So SEO is essential for Nepali small businesses thinking to expand online. And 2021 is the perfect time to start implementing SEO to your website.

Imagine when you appear on search results when customers are looking for your products; they are more likely to buy with you because they found you when they needed you. They searched you rather than buying after seeing your paid ad banners, so at this time conversion, chances are high.

That is the reason that people sometimes say that one keyword can change our life.

Increase the number of Sales and Revenue

Increase the number of Sales and Revenue

The goal of optimizing a website and investing in SEO is to increase sales and revenue. SEO can bring visitors to the websites, and we have to convert these visitors into customers, by which we can improve our sales. And more sales obviously means more revenue.

Once you generate the first sale, you can also start implementing other marketing techniques such as email and SMS marketing for your existing customers.


The overall Importance of SEO for Small Businesses in Nepal is that it helps you rank higher on given keywords, drive higher search traffic, increase search volume and directly drive potential customers looking for services or products online to your store or website. This ultimately helps you generate higher revenue, better conversion, quality leads or your potential customer visiting your office.

If you own any kind of business and looking for an SEO specialist in Nepal to increase your brand and sales volume, please contact me at 9861137906. I can help you to triple your organic traffic and double your sales within few months through SEO.

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Importance of SEO for Small Businesses in Nepal

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