SEO Price in Nepal

SEO Price in Nepal

Every day I will receive a message/ email and calls from business owners, and the common question everyone asked me is how much does SEO cost in Nepal? How much will you charge to rank us on the first page?

Every business owner wants to be on the first page, in fact, on the first position of Google. But you may have no idea how SEO agencies/experts will calculate SEO price/ cost to get there.

Today in this article, I am going to explain everything about how we SEO experts make pricing for business owners like you to rank your website higher.

Note: I am not going to write here about what is SEO and how it actually helps your business. If you don’t know about it. You can read the importance of SEO for business here.

There are tons of factors that affect SEO price in Nepal. Actually, not only in Nepal but everywhere. Here are some factors that I consider and check before giving the exact price details for my clients.


Target Keywords

Keywords generally mean search term on which you want to show your website on top results. Every SEO expert will ask you a list of keywords before telling you the SEO price.

We(SEO Experts) will check the keywords’ difficulty at first, which means who are your competitors, who are ranking on the first page/position on those keywords, how authoritative they are and how they reached there.

After analyzing those things, we will get an idea on which SEO strategy we should follow to win above them, how much optimization we have to do on your website, how many backlinks we have to create to win against them and many more.

Also, the number of keywords that you want to promote plays a vital role in pricing. Simply, the more keywords and their difficulty, the higher the pricing and vice versa.


Timeframe for SEO Ranking

Timeframe means How soon you want to rank on top positions of search engines. The lesser the time frame, the higher the price because we have to do more optimization on less time frame, more backlinks/ content promotion on less time frame, etc.

As I said, a lesser time frame means a higher price; you may have thought that how fast we can rank on top position. It depends on various things such as your current keyword position, the current level of optimization and more.

Do not expect to rank within a month. As professional SEO experts will always use the White Hat technique to rank a website, you must have patience and give at least three or more months to rank your website.

Careful: never hire someone who says i will rank you top1 within a few days or a month. They may use Black hat techniques, which will affect you in the long run. If you are serious about your business, never hire and buy those services.

Current SEO Status

Current SEO Status

Current SEO status means how much organic traffic you are getting every month. How trustworthy is your website in the eyes of google? What kind of content are you producing? Are these helpful to your readers?

We check a few things for pricing, such as your years of experience in the business. To make it more transparent, we check whether your website is new in the industry or you’ve been running your website for a long time.

Simply newer, the site higher the cost. It also depends on the keywords you are choosing; if you are new and you are selecting high difficulty keywords or business leader keywords, it might cost you higher. Otherwise, if you are happy to go with long-tail keywords with less difficulty, which we call easier, it will reduce your pricing.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about it. Your SEO expert will suggest to you what keywords you should target first and how you can compete in the long run with high competitive keywords.

Brand Value

Brand Status

The brand value is the most significant ranking factor. You may have seen most of the time; popular brands were ranking well on every search term of their niche.

For example, you may have seen that Nepal’s biggest e-commerce brand, Daraz, is currently ranking well on most of all keywords related to online shopping.

Since we are talking about SEO price in Nepal, we always check how much brand value you have in your niche; who are your competitors? Whether they are the biggest multinational companies or local Nepalese ones.

We also analyze How many peoples know you, how popular you are, and your brand within or outside Nepal. We also check your brand query on search engines, whether people are searching for your business online or not.

Simply, the bigger the brand value lesser the SEO cost, and vice versa.


As I said at the beginning of the article, tons of factors affect SEO cost in Nepal and everywhere. The above mentioned are the most important factors that we never forget before making a customized SEO package for our clients.

Want to know how much you should spend on SEO to rank your website in the top position? Feel free to email me with your website URL and a list of your desired keyword.

So, how much is the best SEO Price in Nepal?

White talking about SEO Price in Nepal, it starts from Rs.10, 000 a month. Most of the freelancers and SEO companies in Nepal charge Rs. 10000 a month for their introductory or starter SEO package.

Because only a few companies are taking SEO seriously, Nepal’s SEO industry is still not much difficult except for the travel and e-commerce industries.

The basic package may include all of the essential SEO activities required to rank your business for a few and less competitive keywords. If you are a small business owner and have fewer keywords to target, you can go with that package.

You can even reduce that cost by hiring freelancers. For example, I charge Rs—10000 per month for both on-page and off-page SEO, including ten keywords. You can find tons of freelancers by just googling Freelance SEO experts in Nepal.

At last

At last and again, to remind you and aware you of investing in a result less SEO strategy. You should always check the support and service provided by them, previous results they generated and their reviews before hiring an SEO expert.

Still, have any query related to SEO cost in Nepal? Feel free to comment here or contact me.

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SEO Price in Nepal

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