15 ways to make money online in Nepal

15 ways to make money online in Nepal

Everyone wants to use their part time to make some pocket money. With easy access to the internet and computer/laptop, it has made the globe connected as a whole. Remote work, work from home are now as usual as 10-5 offices used to be. Today, I’ll list out to you the 15 ways to make money online in Nepal.

Let’s make this clear, the term ‘make money online’ sounds much easier than it is. This is 2021 and none will pay you unless you do something valuable for them. On the other hand, there will be thousands of similar people looking to make money online, which makes it a bit harder to get work or make a good amount of money. Nevertheless, this won’t be hard as well, with some practice and study, you’ll be able to do some of these works that’ll obviously help you make money online in Nepal.


SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimization is a technique of maintaining and managing websites that makes them appear higher in search results. SEO Specialists can work as a freelancer as well as a full time job with average pay of Rs. 20, 000 per month but not limited to.

If you love spending much time online, have good knowledge of websites and website CMS, this might be a good option for you to choose. However, SEO Specialists follow a series of steps, techniques and procedures for which you might have to train yourself. You can get free online resources to learn.

I am a SEO freelancer and I am earning my living providing SEO services in Nepal and to other clients as well.

If you want to learn Search Engine Optimization, You can start from ahrefs SEO for beginners course.

Web/App Development

If you are good with coding or have good designing skills, you should choose this way to make money online in Nepal. Web/App development is one of the good paying job/freelancing opportunities.

If you can build scalable applications with good designing skills, you will pretty much get clients on freelancing sites. On the other hand, you can develop applications and raise funds to scale them or sell them online.

Dinesh Neupane from Nepal recently earned more than 85 lakhs Nepali rupees by selling his “Fonts Aa” application.

Resources to learn Web Design & Development

WordPress For Beginners

Content Writing

How expressive are you? How good is your writing skill? If you can answer these answers with a positive attitude, content writing can be a good option for you. Companies and individuals hire and pay people to write content for their business/website/social media.

Content writing is a flexible job and has a good pay. So you can start with content writing as well and get clients through freelancing sites or creating your own portfolio website.

Tutorial to get started with Content Writing

Social Media Optimization

Social Media optimization is a technique of creating good content for social media pages of business or celebrities. If you have good graphic designing skills, and can create engaging posts for clients and also are good with social media, this can be a good option for you. Create a profile in freelancing platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer to get started.

For More information about social media optimization, watch this video:

Graphics Designing

People with artistic nature are able to create engaging and attractive graphics. Graphics can be used for website, social media promotion or for various purposes like offline advertisements.

Graphic designers get paid pretty good. Learning graphic designing is not that tough if you can get easy with designing tools and have a decent working PC.

Canva is another popular tool to get started to graphics design. 


Video Editing

Video editing is one of the good paying job. Video editing is done using tools like FinalCutPro or Adobe Premier for premium use and other free softwares are also available.

Clients hire people to make and edit promotional videos, vlogs or other informative videos. With video editing, you can earn a pretty decent amount working online in Nepal.

Adove premier Pro Beginners Tutorial

Online Assistant

Most businesses these days require to give online support to clients regarding their services. Businesses hire individuals to provide online assistants. In such cases, businesses give training for a certain period about their services or products. After a certain interval of training, you will be paid for interacting with their clients and providing support online.

Watch this video to know more about Virtual Assistant Job and to get started


YouTube has been one of the good sources for people to make money online in Nepal. Making YouTube videos is not an easy task. But if you are a good storyteller, and can create good content, you will get a large audience on youtube. YouTube pays it’s creator with money for displaying ads on videos.

YouTube has a variety of audiences looking for entertainment, knowledge, training, information, and many more. Different creators like Sisan Baniya, Ming Sherap, James Shrestha, Iamsega and many more earn making YouTube videos.

YouTube has also helped many rappers and musicians like VTEN, UNIQ Poet, Lil Buddha, Pashupati Sharma, Almoda Uprety monetize their music as well. If you can make videos on any of these topics, you will be able to acquire a good audience in time and make money by letting YouTube play ads on your video.

Intro to Making Money on YouTube by YouTube

Google Adsense

Google adsense is a platform for creators and individuals to earn money by displaying google ads on their website. Google Adsense pays a good amount of money for displaying it’s ads. Google is a large company and millions of advertisers use this platform to display ads across the web.

Popular websites like Hamrobazaar in Nepal have enabled google adsense on their website. If you can create and maintain a website with good content and decent followers, you will eventually start making a very good amount of money online.

Adsense Tutorial for Beginners

Facebook Instant Articles

Similar to Google Adsense, Facebook lets it’s creators earn money by displaying ads on their content. If you have a Facebook page with a large amount of followers, this will be very easy. You will need to get a website and get approval from Facebook for displaying ads. After you successfully approve your website, Facebook will pay you for displaying ads.

I have experience with Facebook Instant Articles and I earn a decent amount every month from it.

Nepal’s major news portals like OnlineKhabar, Ratopati as well use Instant Articles to monetize their website content on Facebook. If you need consulting regarding setting up Facebook Instant Articles, you can contact me from my contact details.

Create a Facebook page, engage your audience and get started with Fb Instant Articles

Bug Bounty

We frequently hear news about people earning money through bug bounty online. Bug bounty is a technique of finding bugs on websites and the website owners pay you for finding these bugs and notifying them about the bug. Large companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Intel etc. provide good money for its bug testers.

Many people have earned a good amount of money online in Nepal using bug bounty. Recently, Saugat Pokhrel has earned more than 20 lakhs in one year using bug bounty.

How to start Bug Bounty in Nepal? by Saugat Pokharel

Affiliate Marketing

Online stores like Amazon, Daraz etc. pay a good commission for people who work with them as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is referring people from your website to buy and shop on their website. Amazon Affiliate is a good example of this.

If you want to earn as an affiliate marketer, you will need a good online presence. I can help you set up a good website with proper search engine optimization that can help you gain a good amount of organic visitors on your website.

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2021 (Step by Step)


How fond are you of playing games? If you play a lot of games online, then you might be able to monetize it as well. Gamers like 4k Gaming, DRS Gaming stream live gaming videos.

You might have heard of “4k Gaming” donating an appreciable amount of money he earns from live streaming his games. If you love playing games, then you can as well make money online in Nepal by steaming live games.

More Information about Steaming live games and earning money


You might have heard TikTok users like Ansh Verma earning over one crore rupees using Tiktok. Tiktok is one of the engaging platforms and it’s currently expanding. As of 2021, tiktok has more than 1000 million active users. If you have a good tiktok profile with a large reach, brands will pay you for promoting their products.

Tiktok Users earn a good amount of money by doing live videos as well. So if you can create engaging content, Tiktok can be a good choice to make money online in Nepal.

Earn Money from Tiktok Live

Referral Earning

Referral Earning is something that’s filled with a lot of scammers. But with a legit platform you tend to make a satisfactory amount of money. Referral means simply referring someone to use a product or platform.

Different platforms pay users for referrals. For example, eSewa, ImePay give you certain rewards for referrals as well. You will not earn a large lump sum of money from referrals but on the other hand you won’t have to experience something for it. So referral earning can also be a good choice to earn online in Nepal.

Here is the example of Referral Campaigns 

esewa refer and earn


In summary, you will earn a good amount of money if you have experience and knowledge of a specific field. Talking about me, I have been providing SEO services in Nepal for the past few years and I am earning good money online. The works like referrals, captcha etc. do not require much knowledge but have a very low pay. If you want to earn from affiliate marketing, google adsense or facebook instant articles, I can help you setup your website and do a full SEO audit for your website.

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15 ways to make money online in Nepal

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