How to become a content writer in Nepal?

How to become a content writer in Nepal

This is completely my personal point of view and my personal roadmap to content writing. 

When someone gets to know that I am an SEO Consultant, I frequently get asked this question about how to become a content writer in Nepal. In this blog we will discover ways and roadmap to becoming a content writer in Nepal and earning through it. 

A Content Writer is basically someone who writes. But when we talk about SEO, writing is not quite easy. When I say this, it’s not even tough, but there are few technicalities that someone needs to understand before diving into content writing. For me personally, content writing is one of the ways to dive into the Digital Marketing field. If you think you can write, if you come with a good communication skill and you are interested in Digital Marketing(which is not a compulsion), then you can start your career as a Content Writing. 

How to start a career as a content writer in Nepal?

Content writing has been more like a freelancing job for the past few years. Only a few years now when companies started hiring content writers as a job. Mostly every company now hires a content writer as a job. So starting a career has been a little or more easy. However, I would suggest you start freelancing first. For freelancing, you can join Fiverr, UpWork or Freelancer and sign up as a content writer. Later, as you gain experience, you can look for professional job careers as well. 

How much do content writers earn in Nepal?

What I believe is, someone who’s engaged in the digital world as a professional doesn’t limit himself to a given sum of money. There are ways to expand and earn more. However, talking about a normal salary as a content writer, companies normally pay Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. But if you are a freelancer, you get paid per word. The normal pay is around Rs. 1 to Rs. 3 depending upon your experience and portfolio. 

What is the qualification for Content Writer?

There’s no bar as a qualification for content writer. But one must have good writing skills. Little or more knowledge of digital marketing/SEO is a plus point. You need to learn where and how to place keywords within the content. 

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Till now we read about how to become a content writer in Nepal. Given below is more in-depth knowledge about becoming a good content writer, it’s technicalities and road map.

Technicalities You Need To Know 

  • Keywords :
      1. Understanding what Keywords are 
      2. Understanding how keywords are placed and how they matter the quality of content 
      3. Understanding ways to place keywords inside a content 
  • Plagiarism and Tools 
      1. Understanding about plagiarism and its impacts on content 
      2. Understanding about tools to minimize plagiarism 
  • Research 
    1. How to search over a topic or keyword 
    2. How to understand the content and write down 


Roadmap :

The first and foremost is to understand the above listed technicalities. If you understand and at least have the sound knowledge of above technicalities, you are more than half prepared for what you aspire to be (a content writer). 


One of the major qualities in content writing is research. When you start to work as a content writer, you might sometimes need to write content about Skins and Cosmetics, and sometimes about how Apple keeps you away from doctors. A single person would never come with both the knowledge and only way to work on it is to do a thorough research. 


When you complete the research and have a clear understanding over the given topic/keywords, you can start writing. I prefer to use Microsoft Words or Google Docs as they come with grammatical suggestions and that is far too completely helpful to understand. In addition, one thing in content writing to do is NEVER COPY. Do not ever copy the content from someone else’s website or if possible within the document itself. Below are a few points to care about when you are writing. 

  1. Avoid keyword stuffing
  2. Avoid frequent use of same keyword 
  3. Avoid plagiarism 
  4. Specify headings properly 
  5. Structure sentences to be easily readable. 


 When you think you have completed writing, use online tools to check for plagiarism. In my personal experience, not many online tools give different results, so I prefer using a couple before I declare the content to be plagiarism free. If you find any plagiarism, simply re-write that part of the content. You need to be scared of plagiarism but not completely discard the written content :D. 

When you have completely understood these techniques, now you can start freelancing or blogging for yourself. If you wonder how to get jobs as a content writer, I would suggest you to register yourself to freelancing websites and create proper gigs. It will be tough at the beginning, but with time you will start getting jobs. 

Content Writing would be a good choice, if you are currently in your college and looking for a part time income to use for yourself. Nevertheless, you can start your career in Digital Marketing and SEO as a Content Writer as it will give you a clear understanding of how contents are optimized and how content matters in Search Engine Optimization. 

To sum it up, we have discussed how to become a content writer in Nepal in this article. In addition, I have tried to share more in-depth knowledge about content writing. 


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How to become a content writer in Nepal?

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