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Are you thinking of learning SEO to succeed in the digital world of the 21st century? If you are searching for the best SEO training in Nepal, You came to the right place. I am here to teach you exactly how to understand the Search Engines algorithm and play with them to rank higher on Google, Bing, and YouTube Searches.

Hi, I am Narayan Adhikari, an SEO Consultant based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I will teach you how I succeed in SEO Industry and how you can also achieve it.

Total Students Enrolled
Total Students Enrolled
Total Students Enrolled

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone who wants to learn SEO, implement it in their work, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of Search Engine Optimization. We cover everything, so even if you've never heard about SEO, you'll be able to jump in quickly. Having a basic knowledge of SEO gives you extra enjoyment while learning. Without any doubt, you are going to learn new techniques every day.

Our SEO Training Details

What is Search Engine?

A search engine is a platform where millions of people like us search for new queries every minute to find the solution to their problem. The popular search engines are Google Search, youtube Search, and Bing Search.

How important it is?

Imagine if someone searches for the best place to eat Pizza and found your restaurant’s website on the first page. They are more likely to come to your restaurant to taste your Pizza because they believe everyone liked the Pizza you served because you appeared in the first position.

Things we are not covering here

As we wanted to make this training as shortest as possible with covering all the things, we excluded some parts such as making a website, installing and setting up SEO Plugins, generating, submitting sitemaps on GSC, etc.

We begin our lecture on what is Search Engine. We give you a brief insight into the three most popular search engines Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Before starting our SEO training, we need to know how exactly search engines work. How it rank websites and all.

In this lecture, we are going to cover how search engines read the web pages, what are the things that we need to implement on our website to let search engines read our web pages in the best possible way.

We are not covering niche research. You have to choose one in which you have an interest. Here we will teach how to find the best, easy, and profitable keywords for our business using various free and paid tools. And we will check it manually to confirm.

This lecture includes viewing the SERP. Who is ranking on top pages, and how authoritative are they? Can we compete and win against them etc.

On this section, we are going to cover everything that we need to do on our websites, such as title tag, meta description, meta keyword tag, Slug, Content Structure, Breadcrumbs, Heading tags, ALT tags, content writing style, keyword density, internal and external links and more.

In this advanced SEO section, we will cover Robots.txt, meta robot tag, redirections, canonical tag, Geo tag, 404 page, rich snippet, mobile responsive, page speed, sitemaps, etc.

This lecture will cover types of links, ways to create them, natural link profiles, best practices of link building, etc.

This lecture will cover what Black Hat SEO is, how people use it, the risks of black hat, and why you should avoid it.

Here we cover the latest popular SEO technique, Gray Hat, and how SEO giants are using these techniques to rank higher on Google. How to play safe with it, and more.

What we Belive

Practice makes perfect

We don’t just teach the theoretical knowledge and disappear; we will teach you everything in practical(live); we also do some case studies and live projects during the training. Do not just take the course; implement it on your websites. What we believe is practice makes us perfect. In the SEO industry, you will listen and learn new things every day, implement it to your website and see the results. Keep applying and testing new techniques until you get the best result.

Companies We helped to Grow

What You are Going to Learn

Here are the Key Features of our Training. Things you are going to achieve after completing this training.

After completing the training, you will learn exactly how to rank your website on search engines and increase traffic.

After learning how to rank a website, you can generate more leads for your business by targeting the industry’s most popular keywords.

You can also start doing freelancing like me or start your SEO agency to help others rank higher.

If you don’t like building an agency or doing freelancing, you can turn your career into an affiliate marketer or start earning through Adsense and other ad platforms.

SEO Introductry Video

Yes, we will teach SEO from scratch on our training, but we expect you to have some general knowledge about SEO and its tactics. Here is the Best SEO Course for Beginners (by Ahrefs); we recommend watching this tutorial once before starting your SEO Training.

Why To Choose Us?

There are many digital marketing companies providing SEO training in Nepal. Why do you need to choose us? Here are some of the reasons to master your SEO skills with us.

7+ Years of Experience

I have more than 7 years of experience in the SEO Industry. I have gained a lot of experience during this time. I can teach you exactly how to increase organic traffic by applying new SEO techniques.

Live Projects

Our training is not only based on theoritical knowledge. We are going to do everything live. Live Projects helps you to learn how to apply those techniques on your website.

White Hat SEO

I always use White Hat SEO because it lasts longer. I will teach White Hat techniques to rank higher, along with some negative SEO techniques that you should avoid implementing.

Carrear guidance

We help you to succeed in the SEO industry. As we already mentioned above that, we will hire the best one for every session to work with us and deliver the results. We are always here to guide you.

Frequently asked questions

No, we don’t have any hidden charge for this course. This training is entirely free. Probably the best SEO training in Nepal.

Yes, I know everyone is charging for SEO training in Nepal, but I am providing it for free because I want to help you learn something and start earning a good amount of money from home.

Yes, if you give your best to learn and implement it on your websites. We are going to cover mainly all aspects of SEO in this training.

Yes, you can take this training. This course is more than basic SEO. You are going to learn more advanced tricks and techniques to rank higher on this course.

If you become an SEO expert, you don’t need to worry about jobs. Everyone is going to search for you to give you a project. We were hiring the best student of every class on our projects.

If you have any other questions feel free to Contact Us

Customers reviews

I loved the training! I know more about Search Engine Optimization than I did before. I liked the way you teach with examples and live projects! Thank you so much for the latest techniques, especially for building a natural link profile. Highly recommended.
Raju Yadav
Since I am a beginner in the SEO world, I find this training very helpful, and I think you covered most of all questions a beginner might have. Thanks for the free training and excellent email support of every confusion. Without any doubt, you are a great instructor.
Mila Kunis
I learned a lot from your SEO training, especially how to play with the various tools to increase ranking. Good course, but now I want to know more about SEO now in depth. Waiting for your advanced SEO course. Highly recommended SEO course in Nepal.
Baburam Aslamee Magar Student
Baburam Thapa Magar

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